Mesmerize Yourself With This Dance Mix Featuring Disney Audio Samples

If you love Disney characters but you aren’t interested in seeing them in various sexual positions or seeing them re-create Fifty Shades of Grey but you are interested in hearing them in a dance medley, then something still might be wrong with you but listen to this.

The above dance mix features a weird, hypnotic concoction of vocal samples culled from Disney movies, from Pocahontas to Pinnochio to Sleeping Beauty. The man behind it is Australia’s Nick “Pogo” Bertke, who just wants to spread joy to the world through music, animation and nostalgia. Here’s another Disney remix he did last year.

You’re gonna love it or hate it. But question: Would you or would you not proceed to flail drunkenly if you heard this in the clubs?


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The preview still of the woman and the deer above: what movie is that from?