Michaela Coel Is Not Writing a Third Season of Chewing Gum (For Now)

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Unfortunately, one of the best shows on TV right now, Michaela Coel’s Chewing Gum, will not be returning for a third season.

On Monday the TV trade publication Broadcast reported that Chewing Gum would not be returning to Channel 4. According to Fiona McDermott, head of comedy at Channel 4, Coel had reportedly “reached a creative peak” at the end of Season 2. “It’s bittersweet but it’s always been part of what we do here,” she told the publication. “We establish people and then there’s a point where they have to move on.”


A representative of Coel told Jezebel that she’s “not currently writing a third series of Chewing Gum as she is focusing on some other projects right now” but that Coel is “not closing the door to the possibility in the future.”

“Chewing Gum is a vibrant, hilarious and unique comedy of which we are incredibly proud,” a rep from Channel 4 told Jezebel. “Though there currently aren’t any plans for a third series, we hope to work with the hugely talented Michaela Coel again soon.”

Chewing Gum, which follows Coel as a deeply horny young woman straying from her super-religious Christian upbringing, was brilliant because it was made by an auteur, literally. A few months ago Coel explained why there were just six episodes a season: she wrote the whole damn show herself!


Maybe Coel was getting burnt out on making a show this way? And while it sucks that Chewing Gum won’t be coming back, it will be exciting to see what Coel does next. I’ll be over here, crossing my fingers for a Cynthia spin-off.


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