Michelle Obama's Memoir Becoming Is Now a Documentary

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Image: Netflix

Netflix is releasing a documentary about former First Lady Michelle Obama, following along on her book tour. The movie Becoming, which shares the same title as her memoir, promises an “intimate look” into Obama’s life as she connects with women across the country through the 34-city tour.


“Those months I spent traveling — meeting and connecting with people in cities across the globe — drove home the idea that what we share in common is deep and real and can’t be messed with,” Obama said in a press release for the movie. “In groups large and small, young and old, unique and united, we came together and shared stories, filling those spaces with our joys, worries, and dreams. We processed the past and imagined a better future. In talking about the idea of ‘becoming,’ many of us dared to say our hopes out loud.”

The movie is made in conjunction with the Obamas Higher Ground productions, which has been rolling out a series of Netflix programming including the documentary American Factory, an upcoming scripted show based on The New York Times series “Overlooked,” a feature film about Frederick Douglass, and more. Becoming wasn’t included on any of the preview lists floating around about Higher Ground’s production line-up, which means Obama basically dropped this as a surprise release.

Becoming premieres on Netflix May 6.

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Looks amazing!

And here I am, questioning if Melania would ever be as warm and inviting as Michelle Obama.