MTV's Are You the One? Will Feature a Sexually Fluid Cast

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In college, I had an intense fear that I would find myself on MTV’s Room Raiders, cringing in a van while some frat boy decided not to date me based on the size of my panties. Unlike the nightmarish MTV dating shows of my youth, the new season of Are You the One?—a dating competition I am too old to have seen—will feature a sexually fluid cast. They’ll all work with a therapist to potentially learn more about healthy relationships and find love.

Are You the One? will host 16 contestants who love swimsuits, hate buttoning their shirts, and have no cumbersome gender limitations when it comes to looking for love. The rules are hazy to me, but it seems those who find love by the end of the competition will split a million dollars.

The show also includes a staff shrink to help everyone figure out why they’re still single, according to E! News:

“Dr. Frankie [is] a relationship expert who works with the singles to help them become better daters and navigate the drama, poor choices and reoccurring patterns in their relationships. Look for Dr. Frankie to also help the contestants identify the current dating trends, like ghosting, benching and stashing, and test just how willing they are to fall into the trends.”


I am jealous of the MTV these kids get. All we had in my day was watching Chad next the first girl off the bus because he wanted to see if the second one was hotter.

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I think the only justification for watching this show is that they apparently cull from its ranks to replace the Challenge veterans who have aged out of the series, so if you want to know who the rookie Johnny Bananas is yelling at, you have to watch this.