Natasha Lyonne and That Dude From Girls Star in Funny New Tanlines Vid

As anyone who follows Tanlines’ Twitter knows, the Brooklyn boy duo is known for its humor almost as much as its breezy resort-weekend tunes. That shines through in their new video for “Palace,” which stars Natasha Lyonne as the beleaguered, more-adult girlfriend of that dude from HBO’s Girls, with a crux of the joke being that the dude from HBO’s Girls looks more than a little like Tanlines’ guitarist/singer Eric Emm. Also, that these dudes are dickbags who need to be electrocuted for, among other things, selfish coital performances.

Is there a little Girls self-awareness in these sex scenes, especially when dude from HBO’s Girls attempts to offer Natasha Lyonne a copy of Lena Dunham’s memoir as a make-up gift? Perhaps—the entire video seems to have been shot on Union Avenue in Williamsburg—but more importantly, the real clincher in this very funny video is the band’s Jesse Cohen as the creeper whose deadpan, “hey brah” eye contact with the camera is hysterical. Also, please note the very short cameo of Leo Fitzpatrick, America’s favorite Max Fish lifer, at the end. Bless this mess.

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Kat Marlowe

The best part of that gift basket was the bottle of Chateau Diana. It's like an apology sponsored by Duane Reade.