NBC Is Developing Woman Scouts, a Comedy About Adult Girl Scouts

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Adult summer camps abound; enamel pins and patches are in vogue. So really, it’s about time somebody made a comedy about a group of women who form a feminist adult Girl Scout troop.

Deadline reported:

NBC has put in development Woman Scouts, a comedy from former Late Night With Seth Meyers writer Allison Hord, Champions co-creator Charlie Grandy, Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker’s Sethmaker Shoemayers Productions and Universal TV where the company is based.

Written and co-executive produced by Hord, Woman Scouts centers on a feminist who, after dropping out of grad school, pledges to kickstart the lives of a group of women by becoming an adult Girl Scout troop. There’s no limit to what life achievement badge they can conquer together, if they can just figure out the whole sisterhood thing first.


Honestly, I would do this, but purely as a scam to stockpile Girl Scout cookies, for which I am now desperate.

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Omg, this could be amazing. Set it at Camp Athena, which has languished since Leslie left the Parks Department. Give Knope a cameo or two. Season One is all origin story an hijinks around getting the camp officially up and running. Season One finale: Leslie Knope, the first woman President of the United States, and two other women she has inspired, comes to officially open and dedicate the camp.

Andy Samberg as outside-voiced-only Karl Lorfner will reprise his role as the parks ranger for some classic dim-witted but well-meaning slapstick and occasional bad-idea-pants romantic interest.

Who should be our heroines?? I like the idea of a best friend team, either an odd-couple pair with lots of low-stakes but high-drama comedic conflict, or a classic match-for-each-other’s-strengths pair who finds their drama outside their little team of two.