Netflix Picks Up Its First Korean Drama, Love Alarm

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

Netflix has ordered its first original Korean drama, a series about a software developer titled Love Alarm.


The 12-episode series will be adapted from a comic strip (otherwise known as webtoons) from major Korean graphic novelist Kye Young Chon, whose latest story concept has the makings of an extremely tight sci-fi rom. The show and its titular comic inspiration (already popular in Korea), per Netflix, “revolves around an unknown developer releasing an app that will tell the user if someone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for them, which greatly disrupts society.”

The Netflix series will premiere in 2018 under the South Korean production arm Hidden Square. Producer Jaemoon Lee (who worked on the K-dramas Signal and An Incomplete Life) says, “We want ‘Love Alarm,’ the TV series to exhibit the liveliness and expression of emotions, with visual treatments that will reflect the vision Ms. Chon’s had when she created the story.”

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I love Kdrama, so I am ALL about this. Happy to see Netflix dipping a toe into other culture’s entertainment scene.