New Absolutely Fabulous Trailer: 'Kate Moss Is Changing Her PR!'

AbFab’s classic palette of foibles has found its match in the fashion world, and the much-anticipated film features a host of glamorous cameos: Kate Moss, of course, whose search for a new PR comprises the story’s central dilemma, but also Stella McCartney, Jon Hamm (HAMM!) and Rebel Wilson.

As we saw in the first trailer clip in February, Patsy and Edina are having the time of their lives in the French Riviera, but as ever all is not what it seems: they’ve fled there after possibly committing an act of manslaughter upon Kate after accidentally pushing her into the Thames. After Stella McCartney throws a very thoughtful brick through their window, they end up as fugitives in what seems like an all-woman retreat; there also seems to be a marriage and maybe some identity theft. You know, the usual, and it looks like great fun—or at least not as sucky a fashion-adjacent film as Zoolander 2.

“I’m being trollied on Twitter,” laments Edina in the clip. “A woman told me I was a pariah.” The fishes at Jezebel can relate!

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Will. Watch. Will watch all of this. It looks like the perfect mix of genuinely funny and goofy camp.

Also Jon Hamm!