This weekend, amid Andrew Hozier-Byrne taking the Grammy audience to church and conjuring witchcraft with Annie Lennox, a new "Take Me To Church" video staring dancer Sergei Polunin appeared online. The clip, directed by David LaChapelle, centers on a sensual routine by Polunin and it is very... sexy?

Polunin is serving all of the clean lines and emotion ballet is built upon, especially for a moving and political song like Hozier's. The Russian dancer—and noted "bad boy" of ballet for antics like quitting a company just before he was to led their newest production—recently moved to America and is pursing an acting career. Perhaps he'll follow in Mikhail Baryshnikov's footsteps and land a drama like Sex & The City? But on a less intellectual note, let's talk about those stretch pants and, like, all that ... stretching. Is it hot in here?

Image via Vimeo.