Nicolas Cage Is In Full Nicolas Cage Scream Mode in a Movie About Killer Parents

The only sell you need for this movie is that Nicolas Cage scream-sings “Hokey Pokey” while cursing and wielding a sledgehammer in one scene. Mom and Dad is set in a crazy dark-comedy fantasy world where parents become murderous toward their children in droves, almost like the opposite of Boss Baby, where babies got to game the system.

Nic Cage and Selma Blair, as parents named Brent and Kendall, are happy to partake in an insane adult rebellion that aims to be a disturbing and amusing take on parenting. The trailer opens with a cheery family theme song and Cage funnily warning, “Take my advice, don’t ever have kids.” Add this to the long list of movies in which Nic Cage screams manically and freaks out for many minutes.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Unabashedlybasic 79

Well this looks terribleeee in the most fantastic sort of way, aka I cannot wait to see this gem.