No Other Way to Put This… T-Pain Takes a Shit In His New Music Video

After spotting a link for a new T-Pain music video for his song “Laugh n Dab,” I was ready to watch him, you know, laughing and dabbing. So I’m bopping along to this catchy song about haters, thinking, Aw, T-Pain why don’t more people appreciate you...when, wait... WHAT.

If you’d rather cut straight to the shit, watch around the 1:02 mark for when T-Pain pulls his pants up as if he’s just done something. Is he going to just walk away and finish the video? Is he going to...

T-Pain has just taken a shit (conveniently during a lyric that references shit) and I’m sorry but you need to see the evidence.


Follow-up question: Does T-Pain have digestive issues?

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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He has got to start chewing those lima beans better...