Noomi Rapace Plays Seven Identical Stir-Crazy Sisters in What Happened To Monday

You know what’s better than one Noomi Rapace? Seven Noomi Rapaces! Or at least that’s how Netflix feels, according to their forthcoming thriller What Happened to Monday.


From what I can tell you, having watched the trailer three times, the plot is something like: in the distant future you can only have one kid due to population crowding, but then somehow Willem Dafoe ends up with seven identical daughters. So naturally he hides them all at home for their entire lives and only lets them out on the day of the week corresponding to their names because they are literally named after the days of the week. But then “Monday” doesn’t come home one day and I assume the girls must band together to save her through the power of sisterhood even though she represents the worst day of the week.

The whole thing is very Orphan Black considering Rapace is probably acting opposite tennis balls the whole time. I also assume each sister has her own personality traits and quirks emphasized by their different hair styles, even though their lives depend on looking exactly alike. So think of it sort of as a demented dystopian Parent Trap, except instead of divorced parents being fooled, society is?

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel



I really just don’t have any patience for these one-child-policy distopian futures anymore. I’m living in a world where the first step to population control, easy access to birth control, is constantly being obstructed by people far dumber and more evil than the birth bureaucracy up there. Did we ever try the pills or a mass sterilization campaign, or was it straight to ‘it’s your own personal responsibility to not have more than one kid, fuck with care.’