Nothing Happens in Donald Glover's Atlanta Trailer But It Looks Good

Donald Glover has been teasing clips of his hip-hop-centric FX series Atlanta with short clips that show him strolling in the streets with his boys. But here’s a promo trailer that involves actual scenes and a baby, under the dreamlike squealing backdrop of Flume’s “Sleepless.” There’s no dialogue to give an idea of what this show will be like, but the visuals are stimulating. Glover wakes up to various people and scenarios: a baby crawling on the bed, a man vacuuming. There he is chilling in a hammock and in a bunk bed. Whatever it means, the series premieres September 6.


Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Look at him SHOWING OFF in this trailer. We get it Donald, YOU CAN SLEEP. Cocky bastard, flaunting his lack of insomnia in my sleep deprived face. TOUCHE DONNY, TOUCHE.