NYFW: Chromat Knows You Want to Float the Hell Away So Designed Some Clothes For You to Do It

Images via Getty
Images via Getty

Chromat, the continually innovative New York fashion label that’s celebrated model diversity since long before The Wokening, knows exactly what women want right now. And what we want is to float down a calm lazy river, maybe somewhere in the Caribbean, the phuq away from the bullshit.

Chromat’s Fall 2017 collection was full of swimwear and swimwear-inspired looks that pushed forward designer Becca McCharen’s signature harness bras and strappy activewear (as most recognizably seen in Beyoncé tour costumes). Instead of just slapping some neoprene on the models and calling it “scuba inspired,” she designed actual inflatables as accessories, dresses, puffer jackets and straight cocoons, for when you just can’t take it anymore and need to jump in the river while waving “boy, bye” in order to get to like, the next city or in this case, some cool island populated by only strong-ass/no-fuckery humans and soundtracked by Jersey’s Uniiq3 (she opened the show, below).

Alternately, this could just be considered survival gear for when the sea levels get too brolic! Don a floatie today!

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Is that Carmen from Drag Race around the 6:30 minute mark? I’m not sure...I thought she had implants so that’s throwing me off. I’m probably wrong.