Oh No I Want All of This

Nostalgia for the 1990s, the era National Geographic boldly proclaimed “the last great decade,” hasn’t really let up over the past six or so years, which is pretty astonishing. Sure, which part of the ‘90s people are fetishizing has vacillated—in fashion, currently it’s hovering somewhere around ‘98, though ‘92 is also perennial—but it’s still going strong.


I was alive and cogent in the 1990s and therefore I like to think I haven’t gone overboard with my own nostalgia. I bought some heeled combat boots and trotted out some old skateboard sweatshirts, ones I actually have leftover from the decade. I also mistakenly purchased a tattoo choker on a whim, which was a bad idea (it was a $2 mistake). But nothing’s made me feel all systems go about nostalgia like these newly released Tommy Jeans throwbacks. Remember these?

Of course rampant, retrospective Aaliyah fanaticism will propel this shit, but the retro items, which WWD reports are for sale at Urban Outfitters, hit current, fresh notes as well, particularly with the overalls lust in full force. The t-shirts and Aaliyah-style bandeaux are giving me serious flashbacks to my mom telling me “we don’t have the money for that” in the Frontier Mall, and to honor her I will probably be copping these $139 Tommy Jeans for UO Mid-Rise Mom Jeans. They’ve got some vintage items, too, and I want all of them, but what I’m truly mad about is that they don’t seem to be selling the Tommy sneakers the models are wearing. Dad, get to it so I can relive my stupid youth. (Oh but look, they have the reissued Gazelle for all our Kate Moss raver aspirations... ugh.)


I was just saying three days ago that I was glad that off all the 90s fashion that has come back in style, we’ve at least as a society advanced enough that we aren’t emblazoning ourselves with gigantic logos, particularly Tommy Hilfiger. And now you gotta go and prove me wrong, world. What’s next? Vuarnet France? Chip and Pepper t-shirts? Club Monaco sweatshirts?