One Day at a Time and Vida Writers Are Helping Families Separated at the Border

The writers for One Day at a Time and Vida—two shows centered around Latinx familieshave paired up to raise money for RAICES Texas, one of the organizations working to fight the inhumane treatment of children being separated from their parents at the border. Vanity Fair reports that the two writers’ rooms have united in a social media campaign #OneVidaataTime to urge people to donate money to RAICES, which provides legal support services to parents who’ve been separated from their children and detained.

One Day at a Time is a feminist reboot of Norman Lear’s classic sitcom, featuring Rita Moreno as the grandmother of a Cuban-American family. In Vida, two Mexican American sisters return to their gentrified neighborhood in East LA after their mother’s death.

As the current administration continues to stand by its horrific actions at the border, others in Hollywood are using their platforms to protest Trump’s immigration policies. Ava DuVernay started a social media campaign encouraging people to tweet childhood pictures to bring awareness to the separation of families. On Tuesday, Gina Rodriguez, star of Jane the Virgin, donated the money that would’ve been spent on promoting the show during Emmy’s voting season to pay for a full ride for an undocumented high school student who was accepted to Princeton.


You can donate to RAICES Texas here.

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