One of The Sisters in the Charmed Reboot Will Have the Magic Power of Being a Lesbian

Screengrab via CW.
Screengrab via CW.

The new Charmed reboot will not only be feminist af, it will also be eliminating one more potential male character by refusing to pair every sister with a manly escort. One of the sisters is a lesbian.


TV Line reports that the girls are no longer Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Prue—we have new characters, and they’re also going with alliteration: Macy, Mel and Madison. There is casting happening for some boys, unfortunately:

In addition to the sisters, casting is also underway for the trio’s “devilishly handsome” advisor (or “Whitelighter”) Harry, as well as Macy’s documentary filmmaker-boyfriend Galvin and Madison’s “sensitive loner” ex-beau Brian.

Wow, pass. An amateur filmmaker and a sulker? They’re supposed to be in a college town and all, but that’s too real. The good news is Mel is definitely looking for love in all the right places. She’s gay! Explicitly and openly gay! But um, the breakdown of Mel’s character indicates some issues:

In the wake of a tragic accident, the grieving Mel becomes angry, defiantly unkempt, even violent, pushing away those who might help her, including her girlfriend, Detective Soo Jin. Mel’s power is time-freezing.

Yikes. Give the lesbian characters on TV a break, already. Producers are being are being described as “on the prowl” for an actress to play Soo Jin. All I can say is she and Mel better have a happy ending or the patriarchy wins.

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Ken Yadiggit

“on the prowl” for an actress to play Soo Jin.

What, is Scarlette Johansson not available?