One Tree Hill Reunion Photos Prompt Existential Crisis in Me, a Very Big Former One Tree Hill Fan

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When I was in the ninth grade, two television shows debuted that would go on to define a significant portion of my teenaged experience. One, The O.C., achieved some kind of widespread cultural status and also ruined high school for me by making me think it would be fun. The other, One Tree Hill, had both Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, the latter of which was one of the few television actors with curly hair.


My love for One Tree Hill burned bright, strong, and brief, since I only made it through a couple of seasons. I only vaguely recall the plot—Murray and James Lafferty play half-brothers who are both high school basketball stars and therefore rivals, which made up a lot of the early drama, but also a surprising number of teens get married and there was a murder in there somewhere. But it was the early aughts, Murray was in his prime, and Burton made curly hair acceptable in the era of the Conair flat iron, and so this show was my Bible.

One Tree Hill ran for NINE SEASONS and ended in 2012. And according to E! Online, on Saturday, much of the cast reunited at a charity event. Here they are!


Here’s more:

I do not remember who half these people are, but I do remember watching the pilot episode, on my parents’ couch, probably wearing something from Abercrombie & Fitch and absolutely flabbergasted at the sheer perfection of these television “teens” and their messy television drama.

Now I am 30, the cast of One Tree Hill is nearing 40, and Hilarie Burton’s hair is straight. Nothing good can stay.


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Straight....but, wavy. Does that count?