Open Thread: Colton Underwood Searches for Cassie in the Bachelor Finale, Part 2

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Season 23 of The Bachelor will reach its natural conclusion Tuesday night, and then we can take a long national nap until Bachelor in Paradise returns.


On Monday, in Part 1 of the finale, Colton Underwood broke up with both Tayshia and Hannah G. in a Bachelor franchise first: there are no women left on the show. With two more hours left to fill, it’s all but written in stone that Underwood is going to go after Cassie, the last of many women to break up with him this season. It’s a creepy move, and I can’t envision a universe in which the Bachelor franchise makes “the chase for Cassie” (their words, not mine) feel any less stalker-adjacent, but I digress.


Will Colton somehow manage to manipulate Cassie into changing her mind and running off with him, though she was the one break up with him? Will her dad stop hating Colton? Who will become the next Bachelorette? Do you also want it to be Tayshia but are really concerned it’s going to be Hannah B.? Discuss.

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I started watching for the first time tonight and that guy rapping and locking down the first rose gave me all I need to be hooked forever.