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Exceptional actor and even better beard-wearer Oscar Isaac is on a press tour to promote his new film Ex Machina (I’ve heard it’s pretty good!) He is also aware of the fact that this blogger and many, many of this site’s readers think he looks much better with a beard.

During a quick Q&A, Vulture’s Vanessa Rae Kalman (thanks, girl!) showed Isaac “Blessed Be: Oscar Isaac’s Beard is Back,” a post we filed under “thirst” because it was a very thirsty post. And then this happened:

“Oh, wow,” he said, scanning the Jezebel article. “Okay, good. Uh, you know, I love my beard, too.” He thought about it. “Actually I hate shaving more than I love the beard; I think that’s really what the beard is. I’m lazy. But hey, I appreciate it.” And Jezebel? “My beard appreciates it, too.”


You’re welcome, Oscar Isaac’s beard. You’re so very welcome.

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