Passengers on the EDM Cruise Where a Woman Died Are Mad About Refunds

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Last week, a woman died after allegedly jumping into the water during an EDM cruise and now some fellow passengers want their money back.


The Mad Decent Boat Party, arranged under Norwegian Cruise Line, cost $1,000 per ticket and was supposed to take place from November 11 through November 15. The woman who died was 24-year-old Kaylyn Sommer; she reportedly left behind a 6-year-old daughter.

After the incident, DJ sets were cancelled and the cruise-takers never made it to their final destination of Mexico (from Miami). According to TMZ, the cruise company and the organizers told passengers that refunds would be distributed. But instead of the full $1,000, passengers say they received $57.47 in refunds.


According to TMZ, “Festival and cruise reps tells us it’s simple math: $57.47 is the cost of the cancelled excursion plus port taxes. Everything else is nonrefundable.”

In a callous move, one person told TMZ, “I’m sorry about this one girl but there are thousands of us who didn’t need to be punished...We didn’t get Mexico or most of what we were promised.”

A Twitter account was even created to help generate support for full refunds.


As for Sommer, the U.S. Coast Guard ended its search for her on Sunday and the FBI is now investigating the incident. DJ/producer Nina Las Vegas tweeted about her last week.


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I’m relatively active in the edm scene, and the response of the other boat attendees has been disgusting. A girl, a mother, died and everyone was bitching about how selfish she was and how she ruined their time. Even one of the Djs on the boat, knife party, made some crass tweet immediately after along the lines of like “oh hey, don’t jump off the boat”. The whole motto (albeit cheesy and obnoxious) of the scene is supposed to be PLUR (peace love unity and respect) but apparently that only applies if it doesn't interfere with your opportunity to roll face with a bunch of bros on a boat.