Patty Jenkins Got a Big Fat Raise to Direct Wonder Woman 2

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Wonder Woman made a cake load of money, saved feminism, and most importantly, it allowed us to crown Chris Pine as king of the Chrises. And yet Patty Jenkins was still unconfirmed to direct the sequel for awhile. Now we know that not only will she be directing Wonder Woman 2—she’s making way more money for it.

According to a salary report published by Variety, Jenkins will earn “a massive $9 million payday, more than triple what she made on the first film.” Sources previously placed her salary figure at between $7 and 9 million.


The other SIGNIFICANT point to note from this report is that Ethan Hawke made $3 million for the classic piece of cinema, The Purge, which seems like a real injustice for a film that has so consumed our (Jezebel’s) conscience.

In its overall rundown of actor paydays, Variety notes that while stars like Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks may have easily banked $20 million for starring roles in their heyday, “those glory days are essentially gone and the number of actors who can demand pay packages on that order is ever dwindling.”

This just in: they’re still rich.

Screenshot: Variety

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