Perfume Genius's New Video Is Breathtaking in an Erotic Asphyxiation-type Way

Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) released the music video for “Die 4 U” Tuesday, and it’s an overwhelmingly eerie and beautiful collection of images that, like all good videos, instantly becomes part of the song’s DNA. What I’m trying to say is that I will not be able to listen to “Die 4 U” (an ode to erotic asphyxiation) in the future without picturing Hadreas—decked in one of his favorite latex tops and sequined fringe pants—either floating in slow motion on a chair, or languidly approaching a sexy blob in need of his breath.

“Die 4 U” appears on Perfume Genius’s stunning new album No Shape (streaming here), its video is among his best ever, and here’s a GIF of me walking:

Image via screengrab.

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That’s beautiful and I actually had to take several deep breaths after it was over. He makes me... feel things.