Amber Mark is one of my favorite emerging singers, a 24-year-old whose resonantly warm, jazz-tinged voice evokes classic house divas and liberated dance floors everywhere. She’s gearing up to release the Conexão EP, her follow-up to 2017's utterly sublime 3:33am EP, and for the first single she’s giving you a cornucopia of florals, milk baths, and a gilded throne for the young queen she is.

The song is “Love Me Right”—an unwavering list of demands to a seemingly wavering mate, sweetly delivered—and the styling is cute as hell, even down to that cropped mock turtleneck and patchwork bell bottoms, my dream look from 1999. And, man, when she hits the key change at 3:19, right after the denouement of the handclaps? It’s pure catharsis, and you know she’s gonna get what she wants from the dude. Also, congrats to whoever did the lighting on this vid.

Image: Screenshot

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