Please Rush This Reality Show About Lesser Known Royals to American Television at Once

It’s not them (probably), but imagine if it was...???
It’s not them (probably), but imagine if it was...???
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MTV International is preparing a reality TV show called The Royal World, based on the comings and goings of random lesser aristocrats from around the world, which sounds like a delightful and highly entertaining mess.

Details on the new show are thin, but what we do know is enough to make me feel dizzy with anticipation. According to Variety, the show will feature aristocratic young adults from the UK, Russia, Austria, Nigeria, and Ireland, and will also feature a “royally connected American.” Also promised are the collision of “ladies, baronesses, and counts,” as well as glimpses into the cast’s family homes and “access to their elite circles.”

Okay.... great!! Sounds like Weekend Aristocrats—an incredible show about old British aristocrats renting out their massive country estates because they’re cash poor—with a dash of the Real World at its prime: Hawaii and New Orleans. Will they all live in a house—nay, a crumbling manse in the British countryside—together, banging around the empty halls with plastic cups of warm liquor, screaming? Will there be a pool? I’ve watched The Crown and I’ve seen at least three episodes of every Jersey Shore spin-off to know what to expect.


Unfortunately, this show will premiere first in Europe later this year before making it to American shores.

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