Poll: Should I Get These Overalls?

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An important debate arose in the Jezebel office concerning whether I should get these adult overalls or not.

These are not to be confused with overall shorts (shortalls), which I already own in denim (via Topshop) and white denim (H&M). The style I desire is regular length overalls that fit tight on the body, preferably to be worn without a shirt, like these celebrities featured in a Page Six gallery. I first noticed Padma Lakshmi wearing the style in a photo and thought, “Those are cute.”


And then I told a coworker about it, and then Nylon described the Melody Ehsani version (above, and inspired by Minnie Riperton’s iconic album cover) as possibly “the sexiest overalls ever,” which honestly solidified the decision for me. Who wouldn’t want to wear the sexiest overalls ev-er?

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Some people don’t, it turns out. One corner of Jezebel feels like the overalls trend is ancient (“I’m still anti-overall comeback. We’re adults gotdamnit and this isn’t 1971,” she wrote) or that the no-shirt style is tricky (“I’m kind of personally scared”)—a legitimate concern, given that your boobs could look smushed in them. However, some, like myself, think it’s cool (“I might still get it,” I wrote, to quote me in the chat room).

Should I get these or yes? Before you vote, consider that I do not own a pair of long overalls. I tried one on at Urban Outfitters years ago but ended up not getting them, a regretful choice that’s haunted me ever since. This is yet another decision with grave consequences. Help me by voting.


Alternately, I’d also settle for getting a wide-legged pair. This could be me.

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Personally, if it’s form-fitting and functional that you want, I recommend you forgo overalls and go instead with the Speed Suit.

Mock it all you want... it’s going to make a comeback!