Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Designer Is Launching a Label Capturing the 'Energy of the 1980s'

SO MUCH TULLE. Image: Getty
SO MUCH TULLE. Image: Getty

Time is a flat circle, low-rise jeans are popular again, and everything heinous from the past will eventually sneak up on you in the present: Princess Diana’s wedding dress designer, Elizabeth Emanuel, is launching a new fashion line in 2018.


Emanuel Mayfair will, according to Emanuel, have the “spirit of Emanuel from the days when we made dresses some of the most of the most iconic women of the time like Elizabeth Taylor, Carolina Herrera and Joan Collins, but is taking it into the present.” Princess Diana’s original creampuff of a garment was designed by Elizabeth and her husband David, after many, many designers clamored for the job of dressing the People’s Princess on her big day. The confection that they whipped up took three months, which is insane if you just look at the thing—the tulle, the taffetta, the lace!! Tangentially, it is no surprise that Elizabeth’s husband David is the Randy Fenoli on Say Yes to the Dress UK.

“That whole period of time was wonderful but this will capture that but will also look contemporary and edgy. I’m bringing back the spirit in a new form after all these years. We will concentrate on bridal wear and evening wear—things to get dressed up in, pieces that are handcrafted and made to order,” Emanuel said. Frankly, I’m loving the idea of introducing some D-R-A-M-A of the Dynasty era back into fashion in 2018!! Give me an editorial shoulder, a gown that looks like a bath pouf, something strapless and velvet and covered in Swarovski, babe.

Fuck your Balmain. I want Emanuel Mayfair!!

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I was just wishing it was a little easier to find parachute pants and square shoulder pads these days. Now excuse me while I go fetch my windbreaker and legwarmers...