Progress: Gizzle, a Queer MC, Rapped About Boning Women In a Puffy Video & No One Blinked An Eye

Puffy’s new video for “You Could Be My Lover,” from his MMM mixtape, depicts his usual fare: one or two men dancing in a room full of lovely women. What’s different is Gizzle, the butch lesbian leading the song, rapping about hollering at women in the middle of a misogynistic smorgasbord. Is this progress? Sorta.


In an era where certain states (we see you North Carolina and Georgia) are pushing to pass legal discrimination laws against LGBT folks, simple things like being an outwardly gay person is still a big deal. Not to mention, being an out lesbian rapper rhyming about canoodling with women in a video flanked by two men like Puff Daddy and Ty Dolla $ign. But like The Internet’s Syd The Kid singing the 2015 standout love song “Girl,” Gizzle is just spitting her truth, albeit kinda misogynistic. “Never seen women so pretty, dressed like men but here we is,” she raps on another track called “BBQ & Bitches.”

It’s the little things that are often revolutionary.

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SarsAttacks'll take the wine with the gravy

As a lesbian, queer misogyny is nothing novel, just part of day-to-day living. I’d much rather, as a simple change of pace, see and hear a femme do some objectifying, or at least celebrate how awesome sex is with other women without making it about a power-play. That’d be some fucking progress.