Random Strangers Cannot Get Enough of That D in Ariana Grande's New Video With Future

“Everyday” is a three-minute-long chorus about how some dude is dicking down Ariana on the daily and it makes her happy. Good for her, with her high and breathy voice! It’s also nice that all the randoms in this video are so overcome by lust that they don’t care where they demonstrate their PDA, and that they are all mostly not your average hot model hetero video models. What might be a little weird is Ariana gesturing towards them and gawking, but you know what, when you’re boning on a car hood, you invite onlookers.

It’s all very cute, though it’s disappointing that Future’s and Ariana’s singing voices don’t intersect more, or at all—she’s already got that airy, gossamer quality naturally, and the glossy Future lean voice would be a nice counter to that. Alas! This song is fine, Dangerous Woman is fine.

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Dang, I read the headline wrong. I thought there was, like, some naked D in the video. I am disappoint.