Real Housewives of the 1960s Will Be All of the Drama With None of That Pesky Social Progress

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Bravo is overflowing with new shows this year, but sadly there’s a limited amount of cities to get Real Housewives screaming at each other in (Real Housewives of Milwaukee, debuting in 2020?) and so—instead of an area code—they’re making moves to take over an entire decade.


The Wrap reports quite a cornucopia of entertainment coming to the network, including a series about The Breakfast Club host DJ Envy entitled Gold With Envy, a horrible-sounding multigenerational prank show called Your Shitty Family, and Pampered Campers, which involves forcing C-list celebrities into the woods. Truly something for everyone, but don’t worry, Housewives lovers—they haven’t left you behind, though they ARE looking to the past.

Introducing Real Housewives of the 1960s:

In this imaginative docu-series, a cast of modern women will be sent back to the 1960s to experience the ultimate era of the American Housewife. Living in a cul-de-sac of authentic Sixties homes, these women and their families will be transported back into a traditional decade where men made the money, women made the home, and teenagers actually did as they were told. In living through the ‘golden age’ of Sixties family life, the cast will discover if more time spent together, traditional husband and wife roles, and no digital distractions might actually improve their chaotic lives and even fix their relationships.


Wow, did Jordan Peterson greenlight this? Will they include an arc about Civil Rights Act or the Vietnam War? All we can hope is that participants learn exactly what they learn on every iteration of Housewives: absolutely nothing.

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Lazy. They should send them back to the 1660s, have them try and bake bread, sew, do cottage industries, and lead bread riots in simulated filthy streets.