Rebecca Bunch Is Out for Revenge in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Clip

Image: CW
Image: CW

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the show about mental illness and musicals and Westchester and Josh Chan, is not a show for everyone. But if it is a show for you, please feast your eyes on this piping-hot musical number that posits a very good question: Where’s Rebecca Bunch?


At the end of the second season, Rebecca had finally secured Josh Chan, the object of her affection and was poised to marry him in a very speedy and hastily-thrown together Pinterest nightmare of a wedding. Josh Chan didn’t want to marry Rebecca; he wanted to become a priest instead, so he left Rebecca at the altar and ran straight to the loving arms of the Lord and Savior.

Here are the citizens of West Covina contending with Rebecca Bunch’s absence, via a musical number that’s giving me a little bit of Beauty and the Beast’s opening number with the chipper French people and a dash of Les Mis.

Rebecca’s getting revenge! She’s dying her hair! She’s going to start wearing a smokey eye! Maybe she’ll abolish the thought of Josh Chan as a thing from her life forever and we will not have to deal with another season that interrogates Rebecca’s obsession with Josh Chan because I feel like they’ve resolved that storyline pretty well!

The show returns Friday. I’m ready!

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I hate that they had to send Greg off to business school because it feels like all of the build up from the first season took a hard left turn.