Regina King Is Busting Heads in the New Watchmen Trailer

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Screenshot: HBO

Do you know it’s Comic-Con? People, it’s Comic-Con, which means that the plebes among us who are not currently in San Diego absorbing all the starry pop-culture shit we can take to the face are getting the trickle of trailers and goss as it hits the internet. Enter: the full new peek at HBO’s series The Watchmen, based on the classic Alan Moore comic and premiering in October, and the fact that Regina King is a god among us and seems to be the star at the center of the series, a very smart move by the casting director.

Okay, I’m not actually sure if King and her costar Jean Smart are gonna bust a lot of heads, as this trailer is a bit inscrutable to me, but suffice to say it’s a vigilante-populated dystopia and so the prospect of multiple head-bustings is more likely than it isn’t. In the first clip, King’s character, Angela Abar, is shown giving a little existential speech to a small child; King makes a smiley face out of cracked eggs, delighting a classroom in a somewhat creepy fashion; Abar meets Laurie Blake (Smart) at what appears to be a gloomy funeral; King busts at least one aforementioned head, apparently a Rorschach acolyte who breaks into the home she’s in; King aims a gun and wears some cool makeup on her eyes; Mars is shown; shit explodes; more shit explodes; Regina King is cool.


See you this fall on the TV, fellow nerds!



When you use David Bowie’s Life on Mars as a soundtrack, everything just seems a little cooler. I’ll definitely be watching this.