Relive the Trauma of Your Parents' Split With the Trailer for Sarah Jessica Parker's HBO Show Divorce

Remember when your parents got divorced, and it sucked, and left you with lifelong scars and emotional baggage that still shows up in your current relationships no matter how hard you try to avoid the psychological crutch of blaming the past for your present? You can relive it all with Divorce.


The show is Sarah Jessica Parker’s official HBO resurgence and although it’s billed as a dramedy, it looks more like Debbie Downer’s idea of a good time. Life is terrible, so the characters say things like, “As lousy as the marriage is, the divorce is going to be much much worse.” And, “You are going to get cock-fucked on this, Robert.” And, “He’s not a monster. He’s the father of my children.” And, “I want to save my life while I still care about it.” It’s too real!

Based on the trailer, the question seems to be whether Frances (Parker) and Robert (Thomas Haden Church) will reunite, just like the 500th time Carrie took Big back. Frances suggests it’s possible. “What we had was crazy. And fun. But it ended because it needed to end. Right?” Right, hope...

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My parents fucking hated each other. As displeased as I was to have my life completely disrupted, even at 8 years old I knew they were better off apart.

And it was literally decades before I knew this happened, but props to my mom for not signing the divorce papers until the property settlement didn’t shaft her. Her doing so kept my father from being able to marry the woman he left her for. And my dad was lame for only leaving a shitty marriage when he found someone he liked better because he was too much of a wuss to live alone.