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Thom Browne is cool and fun, in fact, so cool and fun that it remains a bit shocking that he still has his runway shows in New York. Thom Browne, don’t ever leave! For Fall 2017, he created a little Winter Wonderland for us all, as filtered through a broken mirror into the Upside Down.


Browne recreated Antarctica via FAO Schwartz for the runway, plopping models in shoes that mimicked ice skates and using the flightless bird of the poles as a color palette and inspiration for a mood. Certain looks invoked The Penguin, too, specifically Danny DeVito’s version of the villain: wacky, unhinged, but impeccably appointed.

It wasn’t entirely based on the Arctic tuxedo, though; hints of color popped up in primaries to compliment the hues, including a woven jacket and clever shortpants that could double as Hamptons weekender gear. He is having so much fun and it’s a quality that, for the most part, was intensely missed this NYFW, its somber moods and heavy-handed politicking leaving little room for subtlety or subtext.

Here, though, maybe he was commenting on climate change, maybe not, but it could have been imbued with multiple sociopolitical meanings should you desire to apply them. If not, there was still ample spirit to draw from.

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