Revisit Harris Wittels Talking About Love and Addiction On You Made It Weird

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One year ago today, comedian Harris Wittels passed away from a heroin overdose. Although he died much too young at the age of 30, his impressive career included writing and executive producing Parks and Recreation as well coining the term “humblebrag.”


Wittels was working on what would becoming Aziz Ansari’s Netflix success Master of None when he died. Ansari and the show’s co-creator Alan Yang discussed the impact of losing Harris while working on the show last year.

Many of his friends in the comedy world have been tweeting about Harris today and encouraging fans to revisit his hilarious Twitter feed, which luckily was never shut down.


A few months before he died, Wittels appeared on the Pete Holmes podcast, You Made It Weird, resulting in a searingly honest, hilarious and heartbreaking conversation about love, comedy and his ongoing struggle with addiction. If you haven’t already, give it a listen.

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

God, that hit me so hard last year. Especially knowing that Harris would have made fun of me for hurting so much.

Anyway, remember the good times, remember the Analyze Phish.…