Excuse me, but Rihanna, the queen shapeshifter, has some extra long dreadlocks on her head and she looks majestic. Celeb Changes Hair stories should normally induce an instinctive eye-roll followed by brief psychological reflection about our obsession with celebrity minutiae. This is an exception because this is Rihanna and these are dreads.

And dreadlocks have been a subject of social controversy of late, namely because of Marc Jacobs’ unmindful approach to his use of the style in his fashion week collection, but—more significant to our actual daily lives—the recent law that allows employers to discriminate against people with dreadlocks. Rihanna, as she does, picked a good time.

Image via Getty

She previously had dreads during an American Idol performance in 2012 (see above). This new dramatic butt-length look is worth admiring for a few minutes before returning to your regular-degular life.