Rihanna Is the Best Thing About DJ Khaled's New Video

Summer is underway and DJ Khaled, father of Asahd and bringer of good times, is here with another strong entry in the song of the summer race, featuring (thankfully) a lot of Rihanna and a dash of Bryson Tiller.

As a song, “Wild Throughts” is underwhleming, relying heavily on a sample of that guitar lick from Santana’s hit “Maria Maria,” a song that scored the first half of my senior year of high school. As a pleasant three-and-a-half-minute visual vacation, it’s wonderful, notable mostly for every single look Rihanna wears and her unwavering commitment to living life free from the confines of a brassiere.

I mean.
I mean.

What else happens? Not much! There’s some sweaty, sultry dancing, a brief fireworks show at the end, and thankfully, not much from DJ Khaled, who serves mostly as silent hypeman—though I will say that the pink and white silk bomber jacket embroidered with roses he wears in the first part of this video is amazing and I would gladly style it as he does, over a bare chest, with a lot of sweat.

Anyway! Summer is here! Rihanna’s here to save it! Watch the video. Ignore the Santana sample. You are welcome.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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My queen looks lush. A goddess really.

This song is a perfect mix of sexy and flavorful, with familiar vibes thanks to the sample. An easy summer hit. I love how she uses her accent here.

I honestly can’t wait to see what her Kadooment costume is going to look like. This new lushness she’s showing off is going to make it flames!