Rihanna, Paul & Kanye Wear Matching Power Suits for 'FourFiveSeconds'

This is Rihanna, Kanye West and—help me, name escaping me... ah, Paul McCartney—performing their collaboration "FourFiveSeconds" at the Grammys. Rihanna is giving it to us vocally—a step up for her, performance wise—and making the best threatening facial expressions, while a cleavage-bearing Kanye does his usual restless jerky movements.


Note that this is Rihanna with Kanye West and a legendary Beatle on the Grammys stage. Jay Z and Madonna love it. Kim just learned the words.

The "Do not even attempt to" face:


True confession: I do not know a lot about Rhianna's career and until recently was pretty uninformed about Kanye. But I started paying attention recently and I like them both!

Educate me! What should I be listening to first?