With plenty of guns, titties, violence and a boat, director Harmony Korine turns “Needed Me” into what could essentially have been a sequence from Spring Breakers, his 2012 crime drama about pretty young killers.

Similar to some of Rihanna’s other videos visualizing violence toward horrible men (“Man Down” and the glorious yet heavily critiqued “Bitch Better Have My Money”), this one finds her actively seeking out a tatted, presumably threatening dude and shooting him point blank. (Some NSFW Rihanna nipple to come.)


Rather than a merciless, cold-blooded killing, it’s depicted as some sort of necessary revenge shot that seems to leave Rihanna feeling emotionally agitated. There’s a sense that this guy needed to go.

Aesthetically, it’s not unlike the final shootout scene in Spring Breakers with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson’s characters.

It begins, as all murder stories do, with a hazy cityscape shot.

And Rihanna in a nipple-exposing sheer cover-up.

She’s smoking and thinking.

And admiring the sunset.

Oh, with a gun.

Meanwhile, at the strip club...

More of Rihanna contemplating what she’s about to do next (or what she’s already done?).

Thinking and smoking.

Guys in skeletal masks holding weapons.

Rihanna makes her way through a crowded strip club with the focus of an assassin.

But not before a smoke break.

Did this red-headed kid get lost?

Rihanna is done admiring the gorgeous view.

She has a job to do. This guy.

There she is.

Gotta admire this stripper who’s still doing her job no matter what.

Rihanna pulls the trigger.

Symbolic money and blood.

She’s done but still thinking.

And smoking again, on a nicely lit boat.

“Didn’t I tell you that I was a savage?”

One last view.