Rihanna Won't Be Starring in That Annette Musical With Adam Driver After All

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

Rihanna was reportedly supposed to act and perhaps sing alongside Adam Driver in the musical Annette, but she’s no longer associated with the film. According to Pitchfork, “a representative for Rihanna tells Pitchfork that the pop star will not appear in this film at all. They say Variety’s report is incorrect.”


Rihanna and Mara were both involved in the project at one point but have since dropped out. Variety reported the news on Tuesday and later corrected their post to clarify that they’d “incorrectly stated that Rooney Mara was still part of the cast. She has left the project due to other commitments.” As a consolation, here is Adam Driver cat.

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What I love about the tweet is that it is: Do you think Adam Driver looks like this cat? rather than: do you think this cat looks like Adam Driver? Thus implying the cat has greater fame.