Rihanna's Latest Coachella Outfit Was Lit

For what seems like my entire adult life, I’ve scrolled through slideshows of celebrities in peasant tops, denim cut-offs, long dresses, crop-tops, maybe some sort of headgear, like a baseball cap or a thin scrap of suede—in short, how I imagine H&M would prefer the entire world population dress at all times. And the headlines would always inform me that this is “Coachella,” and I never dreamed that it could be so much more.

That is, until I saw pictures this morning of Rihanna, who slipped a shimmering crystal body suit beneath her more typical concert-faring outfit Saturday night, and uplifted the fashion sense of the festival immeasurably. Rihanna isn’t even performing at Coachella and she still showed up everyone there.


Here you can see Rihanna working the outfit to its full extent, emitting a dazzling light.

More dancing


Are you ready for this? You’re not.

There’s a matching face mask.


Please click these links so Rihanna can go home, thank you.

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This is stellar and I love it and pardon me if I’m being too obvious but what do you do when you have to pee I mean.