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It's here. Fashion geniuses Inez + Vinoodh directed this clip for Rih, Ye, and The Sir's new trio jam, which is why it looks like an outtake from W magazine. But it's also appropriately intimate for this song and the way all your homegirls are relating to it, which is alternately by singing along passionately in the mirror, or slow-twerking to McCartney's guitar chords. (PS America: probably 98% of the people on social media who say they don't know who Paul McCartney is? Are Trolling You.)


We have our own thoughts on the styling, done by Kanye, who will dress the whole freaking world very, very soon, no doubt. More excitingly, though, last night the internet set literally ON FIRE with the notion that in 2015 Kanye and Rihanna will embark upon a tour together. Of course, the internet was basing that on a photograph of dubious origin, which depicted a piece of paper with both their names on it, and not from any official channels. And still, some of us (cough) opened a new savings account for depositing our ticket money in the event that it does, in fact, happen, because front row floor is pricey, yeah?


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