'Riot Grrrl Day' Declared in Boston to Honor BAMF Kathleen Hanna

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has declared Thursday, April 9 as “Riot Grrrl” day to honor Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill founder, cultural pioneer, and conquering badass. Walsh’s mayoral proclamation praises the “formidable wave” of female musicians, artists and writers who rose up through Riot Grrrl, saying the movement has “never felt more relevant.”

Our new favorite holiday — which we heard about via the AV Club — is time to coincide with Hanna’s visit to Boston, where she’s set to speak at the Wilbur Theatre. According to Vanyaland, she’ll be introduced by Boston’s Chief of Policy Joyce Linehan, who told the site there are “a lot of riot grrrls” at City Hall.


I’m not entirely sure that Mayor Marty was, personally, shouting “Girls to the front” as he deferentially hung back from the pit in 1994, but his proclamation is lovely. Here it is via Boston activist Feministfists:

Yeah. It’s cool as hell. Boston is pretty far, though, so the rest of us can just celebrate the day by rewatching The Punk Singer:

Hanna and the Julie Ruin performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest, November 2013. Photo via AP


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