Robyn Has What You Need, Which Is Sweaty Dancing to 'Honey'

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Honey, she’s home!

The music video for the once mythical track “Honey” is out and it takes you right to Robyn’s house, which is a 24/7 sweaty warehouse for dancing in.


Now perhaps Robyn does indeed have a house with a bed and a kitchen and some sort of minimalist lounge area I assume is unique to Swedish homes. But I can’t imagine her dwelling anywhere other than a blank, strobe-lit space to dance in. Where did she ask you to call your girlfriend, after all? Where does she dance on her own? Does she even own an apartment?!

In the “Honey” video, she dips and dives in slow motion until the sun comes up, with people making out all around her. What a lovely housewarming, don’t you think?

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The Noble Renard

Legit have played this song on repeat maaaaybe 40-50 times since it came out. It’s such a great earworm!