Rom-Coms Will Never Die, So Binge Away

If romantic comedies are so predictable, why are they still so good at making me cry? “There’s a comfort in knowing what you’re getting in the movie,” Shea Serrano, author of Movies (And Other Things), explains.

In his new book, he poses and answers 30 hyper-specific questions about film, spanning everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to dissecting Diane Keaton’s charm in Something’s Gotta Give, to the recipe for the perfect heist movie. The book was a good start, but Jezebel had a few more burning questions when Serrano stopped by the office. For one, can we stop calling rom-coms “guilty pleasures”?


Watch the video above.

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I like the analogy of the basketball game.

And I’m curious about the charm of Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give. I really like that movie.  I’ve watched it maybe a dozen times.  I don’t really care for Diane Keaton in general.