RuPaul and Adore Delano Just Released Awesome Retro Music Videos

Everyone loves RuPaul, not everyone (wrong!) loves Adore Delano. But there’s no way that every person who watches either of these videos will be able to not fall in love with both the visual style as well as the awesome music of two of the world’s best drag queens.

What’s great about both of these videos—besides the fact that Delano’s is very ‘80s and Ru’s feels like a glam homage to Madonna—is that both of these queens are actually producing quality music here, as opposed to parody. And while there is absolutely nothing I love more than DWV’s “Boy Is a Bottom,” it’s also refreshing to see both Ru and Delano actually taking pop seriously and using their drag personas as part of the videos’ artistry, as opposed to just making it the focus. Delano’s video especially focuses more on the ‘80s aesthetic—the song is a cover of “Give Me Tonight,” a 1984 club hit by freestyle icon Shannon—and selling the vibe in a not-too-campy way, which I really appreciate. It also sounds like something Delerium or Sleepthief might have created, which is always nice. (Also: Miles Davis Moody, man—is he in everyone’s music videos now or what?)


Ru’s video, on the other hand, is all glam all the time. I know I’m not supposed to be objectifying anyone, but exactly who do I have to sell my soul to in order to get a pair of legs like that? And also to look this glamorous all the time? Fuck it, I’ve got to go watch it again.

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