RuPaul and Adore Delano Just Released Awesome Retro Music Videos

Everyone loves RuPaul, not everyone (wrong!) loves Adore Delano. But there’s no way that every person who watches either of these videos will be able to not fall in love with both the visual style as well as the awesome music of two of the world’s best drag queens.

What’s great about both of these videos—besides the fact that Delano’s is very ‘80s and Ru’s feels like a glam homage to Madonna—is that both of these queens are actually producing quality music here, as opposed to parody. And while there is absolutely nothing I love more than DWV’s “Boy Is a Bottom,” it’s also refreshing to see both Ru and Delano actually taking pop seriously and using their drag personas as part of the videos’ artistry, as opposed to just making it the focus. Delano’s video especially focuses more on the ‘80s aesthetic—the song is a cover of “Give Me Tonight,” a 1984 club hit by freestyle icon Shannon—and selling the vibe in a not-too-campy way, which I really appreciate. It also sounds like something Delerium or Sleepthief might have created, which is always nice. (Also: Miles Davis Moody, man—is he in everyone’s music videos now or what?)


Ru’s video, on the other hand, is all glam all the time. I know I’m not supposed to be objectifying anyone, but exactly who do I have to sell my soul to in order to get a pair of legs like that? And also to look this glamorous all the time? Fuck it, I’ve got to go watch it again.

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Kind of related - Who wants to hear about my 2 days at DragCon?

Day 1:

*all the Queens i met were delightful. they seem to be really appreciative of all the fans and know that the show gave them careers beyond what they could have ever imagined.

*Latrice Motherfuckin’ Royale is the human version of a hug. she was fanning herself when i got to her and i mentioned how good that felt so she fanned me.

*i bought the VIP tickets, which is one of the best life decisions i have made recently. that makes for a much shorter line for signings. i was first in line for Violet but she was running late. Michelle Visage was in Trixie’s spot and still signing, so Trixie sat in front of me and we had a nice chat. she asked my name and signed my program with a message that says, “(my real name), Trixie loves you!.” then i saw i saw her asking everyone’s name and giving them personalized autographs. girl is going to have major hand cramps by the end of the weekend!

*Violet finally came out and we asked where she was and she said no one on staff came and got her. they literally left her in hallway by herself. but when she finally came out, she could not have been nicer. i told i loved all her runway looks, especially the runway look from the first episode (the black sequin jumpsuit that flipped into a tartan suit). she said that outfit was pretty much filthy and ruined, but she loved it, too.

*the lines for Katya and Pearl were insane, so we didn’t even try. but Katya walked past me at one point and looked me dead in the eye and barked at me like a dog. it was totally bonkers and surreal, but awesome.

*Ivy Winters and Manila loved my puppy newspaper dress. Manila was delightful! i was very aware that people behind me in the lines were waiting, so i didn’t try to take too much of any the Queens time. Manila took a pic with us and signed my program. i went to take it back, but she was drawing something on it. i looked at it and said, “Oh, you drew a happy face on it!” then she said, “No, i drew an Asian face with slanty eyes and buck teeth because i love to make fun of being Asian whenever I can!”

*Raja is stunning in person. i took a pic with her, but i look like hot, buttered shit in it, so i didn’t post it on FB. tomorrow i hope to get a better pic with her.

*Ginger Minj is much smaller in person than i thought.

*Michelle Visage was charging for pics (as did some other Queens. no hate, girls gotta make their money!) but she took time to talk to every person in her line and make them feel special. she never flagged and watching her do this made me respect so much more.

*Jiggly Caliente and Phi Phi O’Hara were signing in a booth and were using cotton candy cones as props. then Jiggly ate her cotton candy and her manager was all, “That was a prop, not a snack.” Hil-ar-ious!

*Joslyn Fox was adorable! i asked how she was holding up in her heels and she said today was leg day, but she expected to be crippled by the end of the weekend.

*Bianca del Rio and Jinkx are only there on Sunday. so i am going tomorrow (today) with Mom (because my other friend can’t make it). my only goal is to get a pic with Jinkx because Jinkx is my number one all time fave. she just steals my heart and if i have to pay $100 for a pic with her, i don’t even care. take all my money, Jinkx!

*for a first time Con this very well organized! as opposed to the HelloKittyCon last year that was a huge clusterfuck.


Bianca and Jinkx were flying in from Vienna and their flight was super delayed. they were each supposed to do signings and pics, but those kept getting canceled because they were not there yet. Jinkx finally had a 3pm meet and greet and they closed the line because so many people were there. i didn’t get to meet her and now i have a bit of a sad. it wasn’t meant to be this time.

i met Julie Brown and that was a thrill because i have been a fan of hers since the 80’s.

today i went out for a smoke and started talking to a lovely Australian guy who lives for Drag Race. he spilled the T on some stuff that i didn’t catch, mainly about what a massive dick Pearl’s manager is. Pearl was only doing autographs at the tables and it cost $20. none of the other Queens were refusing pics at the tables. the only pics she would do were in the photo booths and that cost $40.

a little girl went up to Pearl and wanted a pic and Pearl said OK. just as the pic was being taken, the manager put his hand in front of the camera. Pearl needs to fire that fuckstick because that shit will not fly.

he also did a meet with Ru and said he so warm and lovely and personable.

new Australian friend (we never exchanged names and i kind of regret that now because he was awesome!) also paid $50 to take a smoke break with Katya, so i hope that went well for him.

my mom doesn’t do crowds and loads of walking very well, but she wanted to go anyway. i left her to go hunt Jinkx and then couldn’t find her. turns out she went back to the booth where we bought the painting and hung out with them all day. she had a blast people watching and got to see a lot Queens near the booth. i felt bad for them because Mom is A TALKING MACHINE, but i paid $300 for that painting, so i will just consider that her “sitting fee.” they said it was lovely having her there, but i hope they weren’t just being gracious.

Mom got some great pics and video of Ivy Winters on her stilts. Queen stayed on them for a solid hour!

overall it was an amazing weekend and i can’t wait until next year. (the booth folks Mom sat with told her they were being offered spots at next year’s DragCon, so we know it is coming back).

oh, and one last thing - that bitch LaGanja was signing and doing pics at Alyssa’s booth and bitch brought her own lamp so that the pics wouldn’t be too dark and she would be well lit. never change, Bitch.