Sad Dancing With The Stars Diaries: Hayes Grier Grows Up

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Sad Dancing With the Stars Diaries is a series in which we imagine the innermost feelings of Dancing With the Stars contestants, as written in their “journals.”


Hey, whaddup diary?

I guess it’s over. Oh, ha, you probably don’t recognize me—that’s cool. I’m Hayes Grier and I’m a Vine superstar and DWTS yung hunk. I guess, not anymore though...


Diary, I hate to break it to u, but honest? It isn’t great to be Hayes Grier. Ok, I get that I’m 15 and I have and millions of followers, but those followers don’t, like, call u and ask you to go to the movies. They don’t offer u ur first joint, or like, invite u to parties. Also, man, idk, I don’t even make any money from it really? Except when I do dumb sponsored posts.

I guess wut I’m saying is that DWTS was the first time I ever felt good about something. It kinda felt like the cast was my group of friends at high school, and we just went to some kind of crazy performing arts boarding school. Before this, my moms was my best friend. I’m being totally serious, ha, I know that’s probably hard 2 believe. But then on the show I met Emma (my dance partner), and she, like, taught me stuff. Now she is my best friend.


But also I guess the show was hard. I am so much younger than every1 and every1 else is so cool and confident and never worry about whether they’ll b able to see a new movie because will any1 ask them. They r Backstreet Boys (I didn’t know wut that wuz, but Emma says it’s, like, awesome), and in Spy Kids (an old movie I think?), and one dude saved a train—a whole train!

U wanna know something sad? The whole time I wuz on that show, I could only think like, man, I probably got someone who thought to cast me a dope promotion.


But now I’ve been voted off and I have to go back home to stupid North Carolina and hang out with my mom and Nash and Skylynn, who I love, but like, I’m 15. I was born in 2000! I think it’s time for me to start experiencing the world. I guess I gotta spend some time to chill n’ relax though. Or maybe take to the high seas?! Yar! Haha.


It just sux I had to get voted off on the Halloween show cuz I looked so stupid with that werewolf beard on...

Peace out, DWTS. Emma told me we’ll email and text and I hope that’s true.

If I close my eyes I can imagine I’m still there twirling on the dance floor...


Wut an awesome ride. Emma, I never said this before, but, I figure, well, now’s the time... I luv u, girl.



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I dislike that I know who this person is now.

Vine famous? Honestly, DWTS. Have some dignity.