Santigold's Late Night Performance Turned a Critique of Selfies Into Pop Art

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Santigold’s latest single, “Can’t Get Enough of Myself,” is a fun spoof on “America’s vanity epidemic,” as the Santigold Times reported in her selfie-interactive video. “All I wanna do is bottle it to sell,” she sings, “‘Cause my brand does vainglorious much better for your health.”

For her performance on Late Night Wednesday night, the Philly-born, Brooklyn-based artist took the selfie mockery even further, performing the track while wearing an incredible A-line dress splashed with her face, while her trusty back-up dancers/singers, Monica Josette and Desiree Godsell, brought more ever-inventive choreography to the table—the pony was in there, always the pony.


But there was a twist—SPOILER ALERT—when it gets to the bridge, her band members flip around to reveal their white lab coats are emblazoned with Santigold herself cheesing in various portraits, her image repeating ad infinitum. Interpret it how you like—her whole new album, 99¢, is a critique of the way our culture is a tornado of branding, that everyone’s a product—but scathing or no, her particular twist on any topic always turns out good-spirited, visionary, and smart.

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Her new album is a little more subdued and experimental versus the utter catchiness of her prior albums, but I still enjoyed it. And I’m glad the dancers and pony are still around. Going to see her in a few weeks, and she puts on an AMAZING show.