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Listen, we’ve all been there. You’re at a bar, just trying to enjoy a drink alone, and some sleazy guy in a “TRUCK YOU” shirt comes up and starts saying lewd things to you. What do you do?

That’s the situation Sarah Palmer (who you might remember as the hysterical mother of Laura Palmer) on last night’s episode of Twin Peaks. “You drinkin all alone tonight?” Ponytail man asks her. “Please mind your own business, please,” she responds coldly, smoking her cigarette and her signature Bloody Mary. But leering over her he refuses to leave saying it’s “a free country, a free CUNT-ry.”

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But Sarah Palmer had the BEST response to this gross sexual harasser! And it’s something I think we women could all stand to do more of whenever men make inappropriate advances towards us.


She got up, took her human face off to reveal a window into the black, demonic void that is her soul, and as a bright white grin flashed across her interior she whispered in a deep voice: “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO FUCK WITH THIS?”

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And then she took a big ole’ bite out of his neck!

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It can be so scary to stand up to men who make these sort of comments but Sarah Palmer shows just how important it is to speak up! She is truly an inspiration to women everywhere.