Scandal Won't Be Back Until January But Watch This Trailer Anyway

We’re entering the Scandal universe for its sixth season and things look... just as insane as they’ve always been. Olivia and company won’t officially be back until January 19, but you might as well prepare yourself now.

As I remembered the moment I watched the trailer and not a second before, we join the cast as they await the presidential election results between Mellie and Jake and Cyrus and that other guy. Kerry Washington has given birth in real life so hopefully Olivia will no longer be confined to capes and giant handbags, but it seems she’s still rocking some color. Papa Pope somehow continues to be around, while Huck looks less deranged than usual. There isn’t much allusion to a Fitz/Olivia romance but, please, you know that’s coming.

The voiceover promises the premiere “lives up to the hype” and seeing as how Shonda Rhimes’s brain is an epicenter of twisted, sweeping, beautiful evil genius, I don’t doubt that it will.

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Major Lazer Power Blazer

man i love the first two seasons of this show. when olivia was just a badass and it was more procedural and there was no b16 and CIA shit